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Please help me get to 8000 points. I have an idea to commission a friend with more than one character. I am also doing commissions… I know my prices seem high to some of you but it's really just less than five dollars. I also added in a much cheaper price for a certain set of items. Here are a couple examples of my work:… and… If you don't have enough points to commission me but still want to help then please give me any number of points you want. Even 1 point would help.

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Just call me Aero.
United States
I like to write fanfics I make walfas comics and I also do some drawings. I wish to be a great artist and will be someday. I do have autism but I don't use it as a crutch. I am not the emotional type. I am a perv but I am a nice perv. You can easily get along with me. I am extremely neutral when I talk so please don't hold it against me. I stand up for my friends if they get into trouble but they would have to be completely innocent if they expect me to help them. I'm not gonna jump blindly into something without getting both sides of the story first. If you have any questions then feel free to ask.

:iconrawrsexykitty: Is my kind and loving teacher. *purrs* :meow:
DA family:
:icongarylws: is my dad in real life. may he rest in peace.
:icontoni-technaclaw: is my awesome bro.
:iconreversedone: is my awesome bro too.
:icon8bloodpetals: is my little bro.
:iconwarownslife: is my lazy older brother somehow. XD
:iconsergeantgrif: would be my little brother but he also helps me a lot. so by age he's younger but by helping he's older. o_0
:iconsunbeamstone: is my little bro.
:iconmegagundamman: is my younger brother.
:iconfantastic-raiko: is my older brother.
:iconmsgi: is my big sister.
:iconsuperllama-42: is my little sister.
:iconbaluka44: is my super awesome baby sister! who is a naughty bunny.
:iconkonachan92: is my little sister. (even though he's a guy.)
:iconeons4ever44: is my Weird psycho goth sister.
:icongamefreakgal55: is my insane little sister~
:iconlavender100: is my big sister.
:iconbritish-prophetess: is my cute little sister.
:iconwolfy-rosa: is my little sister.
:icontoraandkyoko: is my uncle.
:iconempressangelina: is my aunt.
:iconscissusanima: is my cousin.
:iconnetgreen123: is my cousin.
:iconkakunabe: is my Cousin who is very happy and childish!
Best Friends:
Family pet:
Anyone else that would like to be a part of my family just let me know as well as tell me what you would like to be. ^_^

To do list:
Quest of Desires pt 6
God chronicles Cancelled for now
Ask me pt 72
Quest of Emotions pt 7

Favourite genre of music: rock/ metal,
Personal Quote: life and people are like a puzzle, it just takes time and patience to figure them out.
I've been long overdue to make one of these but since I'm no longer part of any walfas groups I should post one now.

Me: 3.39:Aaron (author):75:0:210:324:3:73:0:11:0:70:0:444444

Aero's God Form: 3.39:Aero (god form):100:261:210:336:173:73:0:7:0:127:38:444444

Yuki: 3.39:yuki (bravery):100:305:210:214:188:39:117:75:0:41:131:446244

Yukai: 3.39:yukai (happy):75:126:222:310:238:63:0:70:134:0:51:FEFE54

Kirai:  3.39:kirai (hate):75:219:195:245:14:73:4:63:131:33:64:000000

Koujou: 3.39:koujou (kindness):75:186:210:332:179:81:21:7:0:0:99:444444

Suki: 3.39: suki (love):75:0:214:181:218:86:35:26:0:9:87: DA5899

Chusei: 3.39:chusei (neutral):100:0:180:321:3:73:0:18:0:0:79:FBFBFB

Tereya: 3.39:tereya (shy):75:143:253:334:119:73:11:56:13:123:46:449CFF

Fukou: 3.39:fukou (sorrow):75:186:251:274:171:73:21:27:61:0:53:444444

Ekisaito: 3.39:ekisaito (excite):75:156:243:304:238:63:0:11:103:111:0:FFFF44

Kibou: 3.39:kibou (Hope):75:82:210:200:179:12:0:7:116:0:76:FFFFFF

Shikima: 3.39:shikima (horny):75:0:176:281:222:113:0:11:0:0:0:FF8C9C

Netami: 3.39:netami (envy):75:0:118:274:120:14:1:2:75:0:93:44FD44

Kubochi: 3.39:kubochi (depression):75:0:68:243:211:14:12:2:0:34:118:000000

Toku: 3.39:toku (interest):75:145:210:219:168:2:0:31:0:1:54:0000FF

Yuuku: 3.39:yuuku (fear):75:0:216:267:214:63:0:53:0:71:0:EFF18F

Aero jr.: 3.39:Aero jr.:35:261:210:340:258:3:0:4:0:0:124:444444

Aera: 3.39:Aera:75:261:254:343:259:73:0:70:0:0:111:444444 is co-owned by me and :iconsergeantgrif:

Aeras: 3.39:Aeras:100:195:191:337:186:73:0:11:0:0:0:333333 is co-owned by me and :icon8bloodpetals:

Angela: 3.39:angela (child):70:316:202:346:263:3:0:11:0:78:111:444444

Lisa: 3.39:lisa:100:316:175:345:260:32:105:7:0:126:124:444444

Princess Calliste: 3.39: princess calliste:75:0:252:181:47:8:0:7:0:0:0:444444

Daisy: 3.39: Daisy:75:190:125:176:165:102:0:10:0:0:69:FFFF80

Kage: 3.39:Kage:87.5:261:151:311:171:14:67:27:0:130:111:786282 (shared by me and :icon8bloodpetals:)

Yoni: 3.39:Yoni:87.5:74:124:161:210:14:67:7:0:63:111:786282 (shared by me and :icon8bloodpetals:)

Desi: 3.39: Desi:75:114:248:139:131:2:0:4:0:71:0:FFFF88 (I co-own with :icontoni-technaclaw:

Aeona: 3.39:Aeona:70:258:191:150:119:101:0:70:0:64:111:51403B (co-own with :iconhao-007: )

Susuko: 3.39: Susuko:87.5:141:252:308:170:70:0:28:0:0:131:815612 (Co-own with :iconultimadragon88: )

Shizuna: 3.39:shizuna:100:126:23:264:257:1:0:11:155:0:51:FEFDA3

Erin: 3.39:erin:75:0:191:236:119:3:0:4:0:70:0:444444 (Co-own with :icontoni-technaclaw: )

Gothika: 3.39:gothika:75:0:176:25:259:3:105:4:0:70:0:444444 (Co-own with :icontoni-technaclaw: )

Aeris: 3.39:Aeris:100:261:196:286:253:73:0:4:0:0:111:000000 (Co-own with :icontoni-technaclaw: )

Nekoro: 3.39:Nekoro:75:0:245:259:211:14:0:70:0:70:0:404040 (Co-owned with :iconsergeantgrif: )

Seirei: 3.39:seirei:100:0:234:325:253:3: 0:7: 0: 0: 0: FFFFFF (Gift from :iconultimadragon88: )

Kyouki: 3.39:kyouki:100:40:251:239:3:24: 0:7: 0:17:45: 000000

Ninase: 3.39:ninase:100:316:175:351:265:32:105:7:0:0:124:FFFF44

Nisasori: 3.39:nisasori:100:316:175:331:251:3:116:7:0:0:124:FF2844

Nisa: 3.39:nisa:100:316:175:303:237:5:116:7:0:0:124:FF9B44

Junpei Kanjodo: 3.39:junpei kanjodo:100:261:210:243:211:73:0:7:0:0:111:FF0000

Misaka Kanjodo: 3.39:misaka kanjodo:100:258:258:289:227:1:0:7:0:0:55:444444

Kanoji Kanjodo: 3.39:kanoji kanjodo:100:261:210:274:171:2:0:7:0:0:111:000000

Nurse: 3.39:nurse:100:10:23:121:116:10:0:54:0:0:0:FEFDA3

Polar bear OC: 3.39:Char1:100:130:242:106:95:24:0:4:98:0:0:FFFFFF

Demillia: 3.39: Demillia:75:150:152:236:158:7:105:4:0:105:66:FF0000

Joro: 3.39:joro:100:0:254:303:237:112:4:38:0:0:0:000000

Katherina Herrera: 3.39:Katherina Herrera:100:0:251:314:119:21:0:2:0:86:0:EEED96

Aero's friend Ana: 3.39:Ana (human):75:0:264:345:260:85:0:7:0:0:0:933A00
Ashley: 3.39:ashley:75:0:196:279:3:30:0:4:0:0:0: FFFF30
Aunt Carey: 3.39:aunt carey:75:0:145:54:54:6:0:7:0:0:0:6F4722
Aunt Debra: 3.39:aunt debra:75:0:40:181:139:8:0:7:0:0:0:462B00
Austin: 3.39:austin:75:0:31:279:58:9:0:7:0:0:0:C38649
Becky: 3.39:becky:75:0:172:33:14:89:0:7:0:0:0:000000
Chris: 3.39:Chris:75:0:164:214:188:2:0:11:0:1:0:0000FF
Dad: 3.39:dad:75:0:164:282:4:100:0:2:0:110:0: FFFFFF
Doctor mann: 3.39:doctor mann:75:0:170:239:179:40:0:11:0:0:0: FBFBFB
Ellie: 3.39:Ellie:75:0:252:47:159:106:0:7:0:0:0:000000
Jeremiah: 3.39:jeremiah:65:0:31:279:53:70:0:7:0:0:0: CDBB82
Jessica: 3.39:jessica:75:258:228:142:209:24:0:7:145:0:55:603C24
Jonas: 3.39:jonas:65:0:31:279:71:30:0:7:0:0:0: BEAD02
Layla: 3.39:layla:35:0:18:146:148:81:0:3:0:0:0:FEE170
Lilly: 3.39:lilly:75:0:82:66:226:57:0:71:0:0:14:3C3C3C
Madelyn: 3.39:Madelyn:75:0:245:138:198:94:0:7:0:0:0:AB5B00
Mat: 3.39:mat:75:0:180:318:3:40:0:70:0:0:0:FBFB2C
Mom: 3.39:mom:75:0:30:93:77:2:0:7:0:0:0:332B1A
Natalia: 3.39:natalia:75:0:201:265:95:99:0:7:0:0:0:000000
Natalie: 3.39:natalie:75:0:233:110:130:7:0:7:0:0:0: BDB43C
Sam: 3.39:sam:75:0:194:243:14:3:0:7:0:0:0:333333
Senait: 3.39:senait:65:0:90:67:56:72:0:7:0:0:0:000003
Uncle Bob: 3.39:uncle bob:75:0:31:279:58:31:0:7:0:0:0: BDB22E
Uncle Dick: 3.39:uncle dick:75:0:170:49:164:90:0:38:0:0:0:2F2501
Yohannes: 3.39:yohannes:35:0:164:148:163:95:0:7:0:0:0:FFFFFF
Zach: 3.39:zach:75:0:179:279:3:73:0:11:0:0:0:000000
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Different kinds of Music :3
  • Reading: Something
  • Watching: Some youtube vids
  • Playing: With my catgirls and bunnygirls~ :3
  • Eating: Pizza for breakfast
  • Drinking: Water

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Seiga-Kijin Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
hey aero 
long time no see

I think you can remove my folder from your walfas group, I thought I would do walfas again but I guess I don't have much motivation,,, sorry
Aeronator Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
hey seiga. afraid I can't. You'll have to ask :iconsethb1: to do it since he's the new founder of the group.
Seiga-Kijin Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
alright. thank you!! 
Aeronator Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
pyro-helfier Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014   General Artist
Thanks a bunch for the fave :D
Aeronator Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
You're welcome. I was going to comment on it saying that I had never heard that story but then I forgot. XD
pyro-helfier Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014   General Artist
MaikeruUrashima Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Thanks for the favorite! Let me know if you like any more from my gallery and if you would like to see more, you can hit watch too! I really appreciate all your feedback. Thanks again!

Aeronator Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
You're very welcome and I may take a look through your gallery at some point. ^^
GoldLinaric Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
thanks for the fave
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